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Community Management Services
Top-notch, talented managers are the key to our business model. ICM managers receive intensive training in customer service since a good portion of their day is spent face-to-face with vendors and homeowners. We believe in proactive management practices. Our organization is proud that we consistently bring to our clients efficiencies that streamline operations while maximizing the rate of return on money spent. Our managers are charged with handling day-to-day community issues with minimal Board involvement.

Fiduciary Responsibilities
ICM offers a team of experienced bookkeeping and administrative employees that handle all of your day to day accounting needs. This allows the managing staff to focus on property maintenance and homeowner concerns.

Annual Budget Preparation
Each year, ICM provides a detailed and thorough draft budget, which greatly reduces the amount of time the Board and the Treasurer spend on budget preparation. Each month in the Monthly Financial Package the Board can see a year-to-date snapshot of where the community stands compared to the annual budget.

Assessment Collection
We use a bank lockbox system under the tightest software control. Payments are mailed directly to the lockbox and deposited to the Association’s operating accounts the same day. Late payment letters are automatically generated monthly, quarterly or annually. Assessment billings are accomplished by coupon books or statements prepared and mailed to the membership.

ICM takes collection issues very seriously.We understand that outstanding assessments can be detrimental to the financial health of any Association. Late letters are sent automatically following each billing cycle.

Daily Operations
ICM serves as the managing agent for the Association. Each Association is assigned a property manager who works on behalf of the Board of Directors. We require our managers to professionally represent the Association when requesting bids, interacting with vendors, writing violation letters and communicating with homeowners. Our managers report weekly to upper management. We understand the importance of maintaining the aesthetics and continuity of the community.

One of the main responsibilities of a community manager is to help the Board maintain harmony in the community while upholding the design guidelines. With that said, ICM has designed a quadrant method and inspection system which yields results. This system allows management to visit the community, note violations, send letters and follow up on compliance of letters. This system creates a report that the manager can share share with the Board.

Board Meetings
We ensure that the Board members are prepared to make decisions at the meetings:minutes are copied, bids are ready, reports are in and letters to the Board have already been answered. The preparation of a solid Board packet will guarantee timely and successful meetings.

Manager’s Report(s)
At each meeting the Board will receive a detailed manager’s report that includes no less than a meeting agenda, detailed monthly action item list, requested bids, legal report on suits or collections, homeowner requests, correspondence and a report on compliance issues.

Annual Calendar
ICM produces annual calendars for meetings, ongoing maintenance, projects and events. We can project from one day to three years out — which is a helpful tool in long range planning.

The manager will help the Board of Directors keep their residents informed of what is going on in the Association and tell them how much work is being accomplished on their behalf. Communication is essential for a successful Association.

Annual Meetings
We prepare and assist the Board of Directors with the annual meeting.Proxies, ballots, agendas, sign-in sheets, summary reports and committee reports are all prepared and copied prior to the meeting.

Management Services

Bids, Specifications & Contracts
Over the past ten years, ICM has compiled an extensive “preferred vendor” listing that is constantly updated by our managers. We prefer to work with insured professional vendors with stellar references.When the need arises, we will obtain as many bids as the Board needs to make an informed decision. A benefit to being the best management company in Nevada is that the top vendors vie for our business and want to keep ICM and our clients happy.

ICM has a full time in-house maintenance division that can respond to any request in a timely fashion.

Major Projects
ICM can assist the Board in identifying the funding sources for large projects. We recommend only reputable vendors to bid the project. Once the Board decides the course of action, the manager becomes the project liaison with the hired contractors/vendors.

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