What We Do

Ideal Community Management (ICM) has provided proven and professional association management throughout Nevada.

We bring many assets to every Association we manage including first-class customer service, proactive, experienced community management and cutting edge technology.

Whether your Association is large or small, single family, townhome, condominium, or a master planned community, ICM delivers professional, effective and cost-efficient management—customized to your Association’s requirements at a price you can afford.

The ICM Model

  • The key to our business model is top-notch, talented and experienced community managers.
  • Our managers receive intensive training in management and customer service.
  • ICM managers implement proactive management practices.

Every ICM-managed Association benefits from this model in a variety of ways:

  • ICM property managers know how to implement efficiencies that streamline operations while minimizing costs and maximizing results.
  • Day-to-day community issues are handled successfully with minimal Board involvement.
  • Potential problems are discovered and fixed before they become costly major issues.
  • Board members are kept informed of issues and what's being done to take care of them.

Fiduciary Responsibilities

ICM employs a team of experienced bookkeeping experts and administrative personnel to manage your financial activities. This staff ensures that your Board’s workload is minimized and streamlined.

Our internal cutting-edge technologies enable ICM to deliver timely, accurate and cost-effective financial management and reporting capabilities. This means that every ICM-managed Association has easy access to up-to-date financial data needed for decision making and planning.

Using these technologies, ICM’s teams of experienced bookkeeping and administrative personnel handle all of your accounting needs. This staff provides numerous services including:

  • Annual Budget Preparation: Each year ICM provides a detailed and thorough draft budget. This significantly reduces the amount of time and effort your Board would otherwise have to devote to budget preparation.
  • Monthly Financial Package: Every month ICM delivers to your Board a financial package that gives a year-to-date snapshot of your financial status. This lets you determine where your community stands relative to your budget projections.
  • Dues and Other Payments: To secure and speed up payment processing, ICM uses a bank lockbox system with strictly enforced software controls. Homeowners mail payments directly to the lockbox where they are processed the same day and deposited to your Association’s operating accounts.
  • Collections: Unfortunately, from time to time, all Associations are faced with delinquencies. ICM understands that these are detrimental to the financial health of a community and strives to minimize them. We generate and mail “late letters” automatically following each billing cycle to help ensure payment and minimize financial stresses on your community.

When necessary, ICM brings to bear on delinquent accounts the expertise of professional firms that specialize in Association Collections. These firms work to ensure a successful resolution of delinquency issues. This greatly reduces the need for Board involvement and the costs associated with collections efforts.

Daily Operations

ICM serves as the managing agent for your Association.

A licensed Community Manager is assigned to work with your Association on behalf of your Board of Directors. This manager represents your Association in many activities including bid requests, contract negotiation, interactions with homeowners and vendors and more.

By authorizing ICM managers to work on your behalf, you allow us to manage all of the details of day-to-day operations freeing your Board to focus on strategic concerns and final contractual decisions.

Community Management Services

ICM Managers provide many services to their Associations. All of the following activities serve to maintain or improve your community—and eliminate or reduce your Board’s workload. Among the services we provide:

Standards and Rules Enforcement
We help maintain harmony in your community by reminding all homeowners to comply with your Association’s rules. ICM visits your property to note violations, we then follow up with compliance letters and a report for your Board.

Regular Board Meetings and Annual Meetings
We ensure that Board members are prepared for meetings: minutes, bid information, agendas, summary reports and other information necessary for the conduct of successful meetings are created, copied and presented to the Board in advance of the meetings.

Meeting Reports
Our Managers deliver a report to the Board that includes – at a minimum – a meeting agenda, detailed action item list, requested bids, legal reports, homeowner requests, correspondence and a report on compliance issues. This gives your Board solid, accurate information upon which to base decisions.

Annual Calendar
Your Board membership changes over time—but you still need consistency; long-term planning is critical. ICM Managers produce and update annual calendars to track and manage meetings, ongoing maintenance, projects and other long-term activities. This level of involvement ensures that appropriate and cost-effective planning remains intact.

Effective communication between your Management organization, your Board and your Homeowners is essential to a well-run and satisfied community. ICM Managers assist your Board in keeping residents up-to-date on current and planned activities.

Emergency Services
An ICM employee is always available to handle emergencies via our after-hours service which is a direct cell phone to an on-call staff member.

Property Improvement Projects

  • Managing large, long-term projects can be a daunting prospect. ICM Managers have extensive experience in this area as well as access to many resources that enable us to help initiate, plan, manage and complete projects.
  • We have an extensive network of "preferred vendors" who have a track record of delivering quality results – on-time and on (or even under) budget.
  • Our Vendors are insured professionals with stellar references.

ICM is one of the most well-recognized and respected Community Management companies, therefore, the best vendors vie for our business. This means that your Association benefits both in terms of lower costs and high quality results.

Project Lifecycle
ICM Managers are continually involved in managing property improvement and maintenance projects. We bring valuable experience and resources to each project in order to see it successfully implemented. Our Managers help guide your Association through the entire process including:

  • Funding – ICM assists your Board in identifying funding sources for large projects.
  • Bid Specifications – We can recommend reputable vendors to scope your project and create a bid specification packet.
  • Contractors and Vendors – ICM can offer suggestions for reputable vendors based on our experience with previous projects.
  • Project Management – Your Association’s Manager will act as the liaison with the contractors.

This level of involvement by ICM Managers helps ensure that your projects run smoothly and finish on time and on budget.

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